Targeted Justice: An Advisory Notice Regarding A Sprawling Web of Deception

TI “support group” organizations such as Targeted justice have disempowered TIs while acting as doxxers and as a terror group by targeting political dissidents and those that do not support their claims of “cell phone tower targeting.” There have been numerous reports of this organization orchestrating lynching campaigns. More concerningly, reports indicating they are putting targeted individuals under their quack care, “taking the fight back to the perps” and even using mind control technology themselves to put their victims under coercive control and “medical supervision.”

Legally Argued Privacy Invasion, Harassment and Coercive Control

Stop Gangstalking Awareness group has received numerous reports of this group and their affiliates placing targeted individuals under quack “medical supervision” and even censoring terms such as “gangstalking,” “targeted individual,” “mind control” and “voice to skull.” They furthermore have infiltrated Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group’s online forum and have powered a botnet to fill the board with spam, porn and phishing attempts that claim to “help TIs” if they contact a hacker available on social media. Reports indicate they legally argue that they are providing assistance, entertainment and options to connect with “dating partners” via their botnet generated content.

A Dark Web Empire

There are numerous reports that they have established a network of identity theft rings, sex trafficking rings, and “money laundering schemes” that are funding and enabling terror groups and dark web empires. Reports further reveal that a network of affiliated legal websites and quack medical providers are used to funnel unaware TIs thru an identity theft pipeline and be used as a “money mule.” Others are recruited directly and provided a sense of belonging, housing and “protection.” All gangs claim when they recruit that they “just want to help.” Targeted justice and their network of “TI homes, ”advocates” and “medical providers” are no different.


Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group has witnessed no positive contribution to the gangstalking awareness movement from groups such as targeted justice and their affiliates. Instead, has received reports of gang recruitment campaigns.

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