Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group is a non-profit Organization founded by Conrad Nolan Klug to support the gangstalking awareness movement with objectives oriented around bringing awareness and education of Predatory Gangstalking to the public, officials and law enforcement.

With public awareness, recognition and education; a cultural and societal impact can be made along with pressure brought to decision makers and public officials to ensure proper planning, investigation & enforcement are put in place for safe, friendly and healthy communities.

With law enforcement, a strive forward must be taken to ensure that victims of stalking crimes are provided proper assistance, investigation and prosecution. also implementing Training and education programs to ensure officers are equipped to protect the community they serve and their own self is critical.

When reaching out to officials and decision makers; an important review is conducted to ensure that proper action is taken to ensure that a safe, healthy and friendly environment is provided within facilities, communities and workplaces to all patrons and employees.

Predatory Gangstalking is a vicious yet covert form of targeting, sabotage, harassment and stalking to lead an individual to be discredited, sabotaged, and even have their life put in ruins. With it brings a number of looming problems that need to be addressed and resolved on many different levels. Public awareness along with discussions with officials and law enforcement will lay a path to solutions and a difference to really be made.